Over ninety percent of the people who are hypnotized under the Wall Street Hypnosis Center system never smoke again. We teach you how to direct your conscious attention and how to give yourself suggestions that work. We also teach you how to handle stress so you don't go back to smoking when confronted with distressing situations. Our clients stop smoking and develop additional skills for living. Completing our three-session program is the key to our successful smoke cessation system.


Many people go on diets only to regain the lost weight and to add even more weight. Hypnosis is a way to release unwanted weight without diet pills and without starvation. You will not only release unwanted weight, you will effectively maintain an appropriate weight.

At the Wall Street Hypnosis Center we help you to develop a new body image and to appreciate yourself just as you are while you are creating your new physical shape. Your confidence will increase.

Together, we create a plan of action. Hypnosis enables you to adhere to the plan as you develop new habits for eating, exercising, and thinking about food.


Mental rehearsal in hypnosis is an effective and powerful way to increase your skills and make automatic the graceful moves you desire. In addition you develop the ability to focus your mind while playing your chosen sport so that negative, distracting thoughts don't interfere with your performance. Hypnosis is used by many top athletes to render a flawless performance under pressure.


Through the Wall Street Hypnosis Center system, hypnosis has enabled many people to develop the confidence they need to live productive and joyful lives.

Self-esteem is exactly that. It is the esteem you give to yourself. First it comes from within and only later does it come from without. Through hypnosis you can develop a self-image that will support you in living your life to its fullest.


Just because a situation is stressful, doesn't mean you have to be stressed. We guide you in hypnosis to develop skills for handling and thinking about stressful events and conditions. You learn to turn negative worry into positive action and confident anticipation.


Through hypnosis you develop the motivation and the means to make your goals a developing reality. Effective goal setting becomes an attracting and magnetic force as you develop the discipline necessary to take effective action to produce your desired outcome.


Afraid to fly? Afraid to speak in public? Afraid of snakes and spiders? Afraid in elevators? Are phobias disrupting your life?

Phobias do not respond to logical argument but they can be conquered through hypnotic learning and re-programing. The Wall Street Hypnosis Center has enabled hundreds of people to eliminate crippling fears and phobias.


The Wall Street Hypnosis Center has empowered thousands of equities and futures traders across the U.S. and around the world to become more consistent and profitable traders.

You will develop a set of winning beliefs that support disciplined and effective trading. You will resolve conflicts. You will learn to turn fear into controlled excitement. You will become as good as your chosen strategy.

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