"Ruth Roosevelt has the right approach to hypnosis and to changing old habits. She gives dignity to hypnosis as an intelligent approach to ones problems, and I, for one, am very grateful."

Mary Cross
College Professor, NYC

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Roosevelt and the Wall Street Hypnosis Center for having done what I previously thought was impossible! To become a nonsmoker quickly, easily, calmly, and with no withdrawal Symptoms or cravings."

Oliver Brown
Sr. Stockkeeper, NYC

"A smoker for 15 years, I have finally been able to kick the habit once and for all! After my first session with Ruth, I no longer felt the urge to smoke. Although I'll think about a cigarette from time to time, I can make the urge pass with the techniques Ruth has taught me. I am looking forward to be a nonsmoker for the rest of my life."

Rose Marie Mirchin
Management Consultant, NYC

"After living as a one to two pack a day smoker for over five years, I stopped smoking after one hypnosis session with Ruth Roosevelt. I didn't feel hungry or deprived or that I might smoke again. It just didn't occur to me. I am now a nonsmoker, something I thought I never would be able to be."

Leigh Williams
Writer, NYC

"My experience at the Wall Street Hypnosis Center has proved to be a positive one. I have finally combated my fears about quitting smoking and gaining weight. I am a nonsmoker and am confident that I will maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight. I sincerely recommend the Wall Street Hypnosis Center to anyone having difficulty with this or any other unwanted habits."

Helen R. Creegan
Sales Assistant-Stockbroker, NYC

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